1. Wait.... where was the Question?

My work comes from my desire to build something, building is my passion, however we don’t live in a world where a person's passion is enough, we live in a materialistic world, a world where time is money. 

Money is what supports one's life and family. So essentially when you buy from a seller, your not only paying for their time, the materials to make whatever it is, your paying for their place to live, the food for them and their family to eat, the electricity, water, the trash bill, the medical insurance they need, on and don't even get me started on never ending tax we have to pay…

And most importantly their time they don't have to work, that they get to just enjoy with the family(this guy right here, that's a big reason i do what i do), and not have to worry about the cost of everyday life while giving us the time to also make these wonderful items. 

Luckily for me I was born a Capricorn. 

"Capricorns are practical, determined, diligent, attention-focused  and good with money. They enjoy making things work harder, run better, and grow bigger. They like to deliver over and above expectation." 

Scary how accurate that is.....

I consider myself business savvy. I try to be competitive with my pricing as I strive for perfection as I level up my craft. (i love exp points) it is to that end i check the market on what current items are selling for. If I think my quality is better on an item currently offered I will raise my price higher than the market. If I'm just starting to sell something and I think my quality falls short of the current market, then I will price my item at a lower rate, as I level up and create better items. My prices reflex that based on the current market. 

That being said, I can't check the market rate on all my items all the time. So i always encourage people if they think they found a price that is lower than mine at the same quality or better than i believe mine to be let me know, if i agree i might adjust my prices to match, however please keep in mind if i can not, its due to all those other pesky every day cost that i still need to cover.

wait this was supposed to be a F.A.Q page….. 
so i guess if you have a question just head over to the contact page, if its asked enough ill have the answer here.....

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