F.A.Q....The Third...Shipping...

2. how long are shipping times?

This is a good question. 

So what i ask you keep in mind is i'm 1 person, not a huge business with people in different departments, 

i do it all, design, building, shipping, cleaning, maintenance.... more and all in 7 days a week, 

top that off and as of this time, this is still just something i do on the side in my free time, i still have a full time job. 

so with that in mine, i do all order packing on Thursdays,  some of the parts customers order may require additional work, which starts on thrusdays as well, and if i don't get all that work done on thrusday i spend Friday finishing up before moving onto my next task. 

package pick up is on saterday, and mondays. 

so in most cases processing time is usually 1 week,  how ever delays can happen, so i do ask for the 2 weeks processing times. 

so yeah, my processing times are not quick. however this does have at-least 2 advantages, 

* you can always add anything else onto your order to bundle shipping together, a shipping option available at checkout. 
* ... ummmm... hummm... i know there was a second.....oh well if i think of it ill add it here. 
* so after i closed out the website editor, i finally remembered, then had to load it all back up, anyways the third advantage is that until you get a website shipped notification i can always add to your order. 

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