F.A.Q....The second question?

2. How can I order something that is out of stock?

Simple my dear customer, just check our request page, as long as there's a open spot you can request any part you like even if its something custom. 

Just click the request page above to get started. 

Please excuse me for one second…..

Hi, and thank you for waiting, I was just informed that our request page is currently not open. 

long story made really short,

After I rebooted Freeky Geeky, I did not want to just erase all the requests from the old request site and start fresh. It was important to me to fill every request that was made and still needed. 

Doing anything other than that I feel like would have been a big slap in the face to everyone that has shown me support over the many years I have been making parts.

needless to say the request site i still feel was one of my worst ideas ever with how many requests came flooding in. Even with dividing it down into 3 categories it still was a huge amount of request. The first one has been completed, I'm close to closing the second and starting the third. 

This has also given me the time to test out different ways for the new request system to work. Which after filling already so many of the requests from the old site I'm happy to say is dialed in. 

Once I'm done with the final stack of requests from the old site, you will find the link in the above menu bar. I eagerly await that day.

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